Rich audience profiles with precise engagement data, demographics, and behaviour. Reach out to important decision-makers and influencers in the healthcare, hotel, construction, education, real estate, transportation, insurance, and other commercial and professional services industries.

20 Million Business Contact Lists Validated Across the US and Global Markets

Select from thousands of industries and job titles. For email marketing, an affordable target-specific list of industries data is available. Spotondb is a leading email list provider for the service industry, specialised in increasing lead generation and sales for both large and small organizations. Firmographics, Technologies, Growth Trends, Behavior + Intent, Social, Transactional, and other data attributes are some of the examples.

Industries Email List

670K Banking and Finance emails

Banking Solutions, Financing, Financial Advisory, Mortgage, Insurance, and Investments are all covered under the banking and finance mailing list.

700K Education email lists

All of the Principals and Teachers email lists from all of the schools in the entire education system are contained in the Education database.

200K Real Estate email lists

With our verified real estate agents, brokers, commercial agents, and independent agents email and mailing lists, you can now interact with Real Estate Industry decision-makers.

200K Business Services leads

You can quickly reach business executives, administrators, supervisors, sales and marketing, public relations, and other professionals using Business Service Mailing Lists.

100K Mining Industry database

With our extensive Mining Industry Email List, you can reach out to prospects in the coal mining, metal mining, oil and gas refining, and other industries.

150K Oil and Gas mailing list

You may reach experts in the Oil and Gas industry, such as those working in – Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas, Drilling Oil and Gas Wells, and so on, with our Oil and Gas Email List.

140K Construction mailing list

You may access corporate decision-makers and senior executives in the construction industry using SpotOnDb’s well-maintained Construction Industry Executives List.

3M+ Healthcare email database

Reach your target prospects with our Healthcare Email List, which includes doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, healthcare executives, and more.

350K Automotive industry emails

Retail dealers selling parts and accessories, recreational vehicles, Service & Collision Repair stations, and Trucks & Others are all included in the Automotive Industry Mailing List.

100K Retail Industry email list

Eating & Drinking Places, Food Stores, Automobile Dealers, Accessory Stores, Home Furniture, and more are all represented on our Retail Industry Email List.

100K Energy and Utilities email list

You may directly engage with decision makers who are interested in your offerings and ready to do business with you by targeting the Energy & Utility industry.

20K Pharmaceutical email list

Our Pharmaceutical Email List is a fantastic marketing database that provides you with accurate and up-to-date data for your email and telemarketing campaigns.

350K Transportation mailing list

The Transportation Industry Mailing Database comprises connections and organisations from the logistics services, rail, bus and taxi, trucking, and other industries.

360K Hospital email list

Our Hospital Email Database includes a comprehensive list of contact information that can assist you in reaching hospital decision-makers, administrators, and managers, among others.

1.2M+ Manufacturing Companies list

To ensure effective marketing communications, start your email marketing campaign with our highly-targeted Manufacturing Industry Email Lists.

300K Food Industry email list

The Food and Beverage Mailing List is made up of producers, wholesalers, and distributors in the food and beverage business.

35K Law Firm email lists

Law firms, notaries, bailiff services, immigration advisors, real estate title searchers, and patent agents are all included in the Law Firm Email Lists.

75K Insurance mailing list

Get connected with top insurance executives, genuine decision-makers from small independent insurance agencies, huge corporations, and senior employees.

20K Mortgage Brokers email list

You can stay in touch with reputable and responsive mortgage brokers, loan officers, agents, and processors using our thorough, vetted, and validated mailing lists.

130K Machinery and Equipment email list

Organizations involved in the manufacturing, retailing, and distribution of machinery equipments are included in the Machinery and Equipment Mailing List.

80K Consumer goods mailing list

Apparel, Footwear & Accessories, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Hair Salons, Recreational Goods, and Watches & Jewellery are all included in the Consumer Goods Mailing List.

40K Chemical Industry email list

Organizations that manufacture Industrial and Raw Gases, Inorganic Chemicals, and Petrochemicals are included in the Chemical Industry Mailing List.

100K Media Industry email list

The Cable & Satellite, Film & Video Production & Services, Libraries & Archives industries are all represented on the Media Industry List.

50K Architecture and Design emails

Engineers who provide services in the design, development, and exploitation of materials, instruments, structures, and systems are included on the Architects Email List.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using our industry-specific list, you may interact with a focused audience from a given industry by email or phone. There are many of industries and job titles to choose from.

Spotondb sells and targets specialised company email lists for email marketing. You can now market to companies in specific industries like healthcare, construction, manufacturing, or any other industry you want.

Connecting with the proper people in a certain industry can help you save money on marketing while also increasing the quantity of highly qualified sales leads.

Accurate, validated Industry Email Lists can assist you in reaching out to key decision-makers by email or phone.