Geo-targeted Email List

Excluding Taiwan, there are nearly 196 countries in the world and it is self-evident that as marketers, your prospect marketing campaign will not be aimed to all of them. That isn’t going to help you. Instead, you should define your target audience based on their location and communicate with them accordingly. Using geo-targeted email marketing lists to lead your campaigns to specified areas is a good method to go about your business. Spotondb will provide you with the Country wise Professionals email database.

At Spotondb, we understand the importance of targeting your ads. To ensure that your message reaches its intended prospects, it must be targeted by country, state, industry, and other categories. We can support your marketing campaigns with relevant data from our mailing list of Geo-targeted experts, ensuring that reaching out to prospects across regional borders is not a challenge.

We can provide data on the following:

  • Country-wise list
  • State-wise list
  • State-wise list with zip code
  • Industry-specific Geo-targeted lists
  • B2B Geo-targeted lists and more
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Benefits of using Geo-targeted email data:

Being established in your local market is no longer sufficient in today’s market. You must also be well-known on a worldwide scale. Regional businesses have restrictions, therefore marketers must create campaigns that appeal to regional, national, and international audiences. And you should start with targeted email lists if you want to develop and investigate chances in untapped markets.

We help advertisers connect with executives from the UK, Europe, APAC, Canada, and more by providing business email addresses of geo-targeted individuals. Our lists, which are segmented and appropriate for multichannel communications, are a strong method for you to start fresh.

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